Who we are

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Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds including public relations, marketing, events, advertising and journalism, and all have a wealth of experience working across a variety of industries, which is essential in terms of ideas-broking and contacts.

Reputation, Service, Quality - its a Platinum Thing!

Founded in 2003, Platinum PR is a dynamic public relations, marketing and events consultancy providing expertise to consumer, corporate and government clients.


The agency has built a reputation based on its ability to provide clients with a personalised program and strategy that delivers on their key messages. This approach ensures success for our portfolio of local, national and international clients, from major brands to SME’s.

With many new forms of communicating to audiences emerging in the marketplace, our team looks outside the scope of traditional channels by incorporating creative initiatives such as online campaigns, social marketing, and street marketing.


Platinum PR work closely with complementary agencies to provide a full service approach and value-add to client campaigns whilst ensuring key messages are streamlined across all promotional activities. Alternatively, the agency can work closely with a clients existing advertising or creative agency to identify and maximise all opportunities and messages.


We work on a retainer, short-term project or hourly basis, which is dependant upon the activities required to achieve the objectives. Fees are agreed up front and reliant upon the scope of the work and estimated timeframe in which activities will be completed.